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Why is Litigation Important, what does it involve?

Litigation is important for more than one reason. Depending on the nature of the specific case, it gives people or corporations the chance to settle disputes when reasonable agreements cannot be met personally. As such, when human rights have been over stepped, contracts breached, or unjustly treated in work or business, for instance, the matter can be settled with legal assistance. Litigation attorneys work to resolve such disputes, and bring it before a court to decide in favour of one or the other by applying the particular laws to the specific situation.

The process of litigation involves, first of all, consulting a litigation attorney, or litigation attorney South Africa, whom will then investigate the situation to see what, and if, evidence exist to support a lawsuit. The litigation attorney may resolve the matter before it goes to court. If a resolution cannot be agreed upon, the entirety of legal action will proceed. This includes further investigations, pleadings, discovery, pre-trail, trail, settlement, and appeal. The case will appear before a judge, who will consider the situation and settle in favour of the law. in some instances, people or corporations don’t always play fair, and litigation is necessary to eradicate unlawful and unfair practice and behaviour where civil rights and cases are concerned.

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